Essence Litter


We are happy to announce our new litter. On February 13, 4 wonderful puppies were born. The grandfather of the puppies - Newman - is known and successful all over the world, and the father of the babies is also in great hands for a wonderful career! It was a very exciting journey leading up to the birth of the...

Super news in Moscow about Zaya's daughter:
Mistycor Esmeralda flower of Love *Charlotte"
(Mistycor Zodiac Winged Wind x Mistycor Bubbles in champagne) 2 x R. CAC
Congratulations Октябрина Рондик

We are pleased to present the Altajara Kennel litter, of which we are co-breeders. On February 4, 10 wonderful puppies were born. We are grateful because we can contribute to the birth of this wonderful litter. Thank you Fransisco for trusting us.

Puppies Born


And we had puppies. More information will be published soon

Last night we attended the AAPKK club dinner. It was an evening organized to a very high standard. Our dogs and our breeding work (which we are only at the beginning of) were also recognized at this event. Last year, the Club announced a new category called Pawscar. Pawscar, i.e. canine Oscar. They could only apply with outstanding results, and...

Lubin IDS


We got great news. At the weekend, the daughter of Flicker (Dragonjoy Sandokan): Chrupek von Platonogi visited the IDS show in Lubin. She became the junior winner in strong competition. Winning like this is always better and a greater pride than when the class is empty (almost all catalogs are available online). We heartily congratulate the breeder...

Yesterday was the HCSC Egyesülete Annual Club Dinner. We had a great time with our friends, a great group gathered at the table. We celebrated the successes of our dogs last year together. Congratulations again to everyone!! In our life last year, the dog show did not receive a lot of attention, we participated in fewer exhibitions than in...

The first issue of the magazine was published in January. This magazine contains relevant professional information and is very nicely illustrated. It includes ads from the most successful breeders. Our advertisement was also included. Available at the following link: HERE



In Hungary, there are two breed associations for corgis. Both clubs announce a points competition every year. In this case, we have to calculate which of our dogs achieved what results during the year at exhibitions. This is a great time to reminisce. Of course, exhibitions are not the only thing that comes to my mind now, many other...

Derecske NDS


We visited Derecske NDS at the weekend. My daughter is only 5 years old, but she appeared in a child-dog pair. I am very proud of her, she was very brave!

Epeiros Cup


Some great pictures from the weekend Great By Lucky Calm Before The Storm and Great By Lucky Ryujin Epeiros CUP

Epeiros Cup


We had a great weekend!!! We went to the famous Epeiros Cup in Slovakia. We registered Bailey, Nyna and Tiki. The results exceeded all our expectations!