Vitez Dog Show


Our mini Balkan tour Due to the (docked) tail, registration for the dog show is limited. So we visited Vitez in Bosnia at the 2x CAC, 2x CACIB exhibitions. Great organization and a warm welcome awaited us. Despite the rain, we spent great days there. We visited wonderful places and ate delicious dinners. We will definitely return to the country. And even though Sunny didn't like the rain (on the second day ), she still achieved great results:

BIS III, BIH CH Realline You Are My Sunshine (Realline Final Boss X Realline Wind Of Change)

Day 1 NDS: CAC, Best Female, BOB, BOG III. 


Day 2 NDS: CAC, Best Female, BOB, BOG III. 

Day 2 IDS: CAC, CACIB, BOS And she is new champion is Bosnia Hercegovina!! Thank you for the judgment: Peter Firic (SRB), Miodrag Vretenicic (MNE), Orcsik István (SRB), Vladinir Piskay (SK)