Our Goals

Our goal is to have healthy puppies born in our kennel of high quality, conforming to the standard of the breed, even closer to it. To this end, we imported the founding dogs of our kennel from the best bloodlines. We are constantly looking for and researching the lines. Our pairings are planned and thought out in advance. The main aspect when selecting a litter is how much the given pairing can improve the herd. We work for the breed, we want to make it more beautiful and better, to perfect it. For this purpose, if necessary, we are willing to travel across continents. :)


n order to achieve our goals, we have our breeding dogs screened for the currently available genetically inherited diseases specific to the breed. (DNA and clinical tests) We do not only breed based on tests, but we take them into account.


We are constantly researching and looking for the most beautiful dogs that are closest to the standard, and we import from these bloodlines. We want to represent high quality with our dogs. We measure our dogs at national and international exhibitions.


Our future goals include testing our dogs in the world of herding, not forgetting that the corgi is a herding dog.