Nyíregyháza NDS


We went to another great dog show. We registered our dogs for the second day of the Nyíregyháza NDS. 


Sunny- Realline You Are My Sunshine: CAC, BOB, BOG II 

Nyna-Great By Lucky Ryujin: JCAC, Best Junior 

Bailey-Great By Lucky Calm Before The Storm: CAC 

Today the corgis were judged by Alexandra Trefán - Török who has a lot of experience in the breed!! We received a very detailed description of the dogs. Thank you very much! 

 The group judge is P. Szabó Béla 

And thanks again for the great handling to Heléna Utassy with whom the dogs worked great today!! Now a longer summer break is coming. It's time for a little vacation, but we'll resume soon