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Essence Litter


We are happy to announce our new litter. On February 13, 4 wonderful puppies were born. The grandfather of the puppies - Newman - is known and successful all over the world, and the father of the babies is also in great hands for a wonderful career! It was a very exciting journey leading up to the birth of the...

Super news in Moscow about Zaya's daughter:
Mistycor Esmeralda flower of Love *Charlotte"
(Mistycor Zodiac Winged Wind x Mistycor Bubbles in champagne) 2 x R. CAC
Congratulations Октябрина Рондик

We are pleased to present the Altajara Kennel litter, of which we are co-breeders. On February 4, 10 wonderful puppies were born. We are grateful because we can contribute to the birth of this wonderful litter. Thank you Fransisco for trusting us.

About Us

The Great By Lucky is a small, familiar kennel. We established it in 2010, when it was registered by the FCI. Our first litter was born in that year, but at that time we were still breeding wire-haired dachshunds. We have always liked corgis, so when we started having dogs again after the birth of our daughter, it was clear to us that we would choose this breed, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. We bought our first dog, Deni (from Hungary), and we got to know the breed more and more. Deni was followed by 3 females with excellent bloodlines from Russia. After them arrived to us a wonderful male with an exclusive bloodline, imported from Italy. We are at the beginning of corgi breeding, but we try to use the knowledge and experience we have gained during the years of dog breeding previously.