HCSC Club Dinner


Yesterday was the HCSC Egyesülete Annual Club Dinner. We had a great time with our friends, a great group gathered at the table. We celebrated the successes of our dogs last year together. Congratulations again to everyone!! In our life last year, the dog show did not receive a lot of attention, we participated in fewer exhibitions than in previous years. But despite this, nice results were achieved.One of the biggest successes last year was achieved by our dog Nyna, who won the Minor Puppy BIS title at the World Dog Show in Geneva. We were very pleased with the presidential recognition and the special award. Last year, 3 of our dogs achieved the InterChampion title, and 1 the Junior InterChampion. Thank you also for the special awards received for the results!! 

JCIB, JBIS Great By Lucky Calm Before The Storm: Top 1 Junior Male, Club Star, 

World Hope Winner, WDS '23 Minor Puppy BIS Great By Lucky Ryujin: Special Award 

CIB, Eurazsian Winner, CIS Winner, RKFJCH, BYCH, RKFCH Mistycor Zodiac Winged Wind: Top 2 Male, Club Star 

CIB, HCH, HJCH, SRBJCH, Puppy BIS, JBIS Mistycor Friend You'Ve Never Had Before: Top 2 Female, 

Club Star CIB, HPGW, HJCH, SRBCH, CRCH, AAPKK Club Winner '21, AAPKK Club Winner '22, Puppy BIS Mistycor Chantilly Lace Twinkle: Top 3 Female, Club Star 

HMPGW, HPGW HJCH, Minor Puppy BIS 2, 2x Minor Puppy BIS 3 Mistycor Luna Che Mi Guardi: Top 4 Female, Club Star