It was the last exhibition of the year in Hungary over the weekend. AAPKK once again organized a dog show of wonderful quality. The following results were achieved at the double Special CAC:

In the morning: 

Great By Lucky Callery Pear: Promising He just turned 3 months old. He was the smallest in the class. The judge applauded him in the ring. He was very good at his first exhibition Co-owner: Wortmann Évi 

Dragonjoy Sandokan: excellent 

Great By Lucky Calm Rain Or Shine- Camilla: Very Promising Camilla entered the ring as if she was born there. It was surprisingly good! We didn't even practice. Well, I hope this feature remains. 

Mistycor Luna Che Mi Guardi: Excellent Thanks for the introduction Gondos József!!

Mistycor Chantilly Lace Twinkle-Myatka: Exc 1, CAC 

Judge: Milan Krinke (CZ)


Great By Lucky Callery Pear: Very Promising 3 

Dragonjoy Sandokan: Exc.2, Res CAC 

Great By Lucky Come Rain Or Shine: Very Promising 2 

Mistycor Luna Che Mi Guardi: Exc.1, HPJ aaaaand BOS 

Mistycor Chantilly Lace Twinkle: Exc.2, Res.CAC 

Judge: Anna Kochan (PL)

It was a great end to the year. The day was spent in a great atmosphere with our friends