AAPKK Club Dinner


Last night we attended the AAPKK club dinner. It was an evening organized to a very high standard. Our dogs and our breeding work (which we are only at the beginning of) were also recognized at this event. Last year, the Club announced a new category called Pawscar. Pawscar, i.e. canine Oscar. They could only apply with outstanding results, and the best 10 applications were awarded. We entered Great By Lucky Ryujin's WDS results (World Hope Winner, Best Minor Puppy, Minor Puppy Of The Day) in this category. We are very happy that our application was selected among the top 10 and that we were able to receive the Pawscar Cup. Thank you very much to the Presidents!!!!

Other results:

Zaya- Mistycor Zodiac Winged Wind: Adult Club Star

Bailey- Great By Lucky Calm Before The Storm: Junior Club Star

It was again a very nice evening with special table company.